Just another WordPress site Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:04:45 +0000 en hourly 1 Stop Dragging Your Feet! Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:04:45 +0000 admin While contemplating whether or not to use internet marketing for your gym, you are falling behind the pack.  There are several reasons why starting an effective internet marketing campaign as soon as possible is a wise decision.  If you are looking for an effective way to market your business in the 21st century, then you come to the right place.

At Best Gym Websites we are urging gym owners to start an internet marketing campaign as soon as possible.  One reason to start an effective internet marketing campaign sooner than later is that it takes time to get your gym listed on the top of search engine results.  Therefore, by establishing your ground on the internet now, you will be ranked at the top of search engine results before your competition.

Another reason to establish an effective internet marketing campaign, sooner than later, is because it is the new and best way to marketing your gym.  While many gyms are stuck using 20th century marketing trends of advertising in magazines and using post cards, Best Gym Websites would like to welcome your gym to the 21st century. We will introduce an effective internet marketing strategy to your gym; this will provide your gym with dozens of internet marketing techniques that will reach tons of potential members each day.

By making the move to internet marketing now, you will be introducing your gym to a whole new marketing world.  At Best Gym Websites we are professionals at developing effective internet marketing campaigns.  We would like to offer you a free website analysis, this will show where you stand on the internet compared to your competition.  We cannot stress how important it is to start your internet marketing campaign today with Best Gym Websites.



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Turn Traffic into Leads Wed, 14 Sep 2011 18:51:31 +0000 admin With many local businesses using internet marketing it is time start using your website as a sales tool.  By turning your website into a sales tool your gym will begin turning its traffic into leads, but there are a few simple steps to follow.  All traffic is not necessarily good traffic, depending on your websites content the traffic that is being produced may not be turning into leads.

Many businesses are producing traffic to their websites, but fail to produce actual leads.  This may be due to the lack of content or gyms not offering something people want on their websites.  People love free giveaways, so it may be wise to have an offer on the website inviting people to the gym for a prize.  Also by using interactive tools and online gym or class applications this will maintain visitor’s attention and create an easy and hassle free way to sign up to your gym and other events.

When people visit our website we want to offer them something that other gyms do not offer.  Take some time to think of something that your gym offers that cannot be found at another gym, then incorporate it on your website.  It is also a great idea to include everything that your gym has to offer and list it on your website.  By listing everything in your gym on your website it will not only draw more attention, but it will also generate more leads.

With many gym businesses using internet marketing Best Gym Websites wants to help give your gym the upper hand by helping to turn your traffic into leads.  We know how easy it is to produce traffic, now it is time to turn that traffic into actual customers.  As one can imagine there are many tricks we can use to keep your website viewers’ attention and Best Gym Websites will be happy to implement them for our clients.

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Content is Important Fri, 09 Sep 2011 19:48:41 +0000 admin Content, content, content! I cannot stress enough how having great content is important and necessary for your gyms website.  Content is what maintains a reader’s attention, your future clients attention, if the content is interesting and motivating this alone may provoke someone to become a member at your gym.  The content must also include useful information for the reader without being too wordy or too in depth, it should be written so everyone can understand why your gym is the best around.

The content that is included in your website should keep a reader’s attention by providing them with information that will entice them to come to your gym.  This content should not only explain why your gym is the best, it should be shown by how your content is portrayed.  If your readers have a great first impression by the look and functionality of your website, they will be more likely to become members at your gym.

The next question may be; what should my content consist of?  Your content should consist of any specials, promotions, personal training, group fitness or anything else your gym has to offer.  You may also consider using videos with live demonstrations of exercises or even a virtual tour.  Make sure to keep this content interesting and readable to everyone.  Using a video can be great because it puts a face with your business.

By creating content that will maintain your reader’s attention by keeping the information interesting and motivating, this alone may provoke someone to become a member at your gym.  The content must include useful information for the reader while keeping the content simple and readable.  The difference between having good content and great content can also be a decision maker for new members joining your gym.  At Best Gyms Websites we understand that content is important. Content, content, content!

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Attention Gym Owners! Thu, 18 Aug 2011 17:10:48 +0000 admin At Best Gym Websites golf outing on Tuesday we had our whole team together to discuss what more we could do for our customers.  Being a new company the main thing is getting our name out to gym owners, so we have sent a press release to gym owners around the country explaining how our unique service can help increase the number of new members at a relatively inexpensive cost.  As we have previously discussed our methods of internet marketing have been proven successful, not only with Best Gym Websites, but with parent company SoVi Digital.

What Best Gym Websites has to offer gym owners is the ability to market their gym over a large spectrum of “internet surfers” and future members.  This is made possible by our phenomenal internet marketing and web development crew.  Our crew will design and implement a strategic plan that will increase the number of leads to your gyms website by using special tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Marketing.

With these unique tools, combined with other tricks, you will see an increase in the amount of traffic to your website and the number of new members joining your gym.  At this point if your gym is not generating 20-25 new members each month it is time to contact Best Gym Websites.  We are sure you will see increase in new members; your gym will not be spending as much on marketing and will be making more money in return.  As internet marketing continues to grow in popularity so will Best Gym Websites, join us today and spring ahead of your competition.

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“Google It” Wed, 10 Aug 2011 18:47:02 +0000 admin In recent years the term “Google it” has become widely used by many as another way of saying “I don’t know something.”  A good example of this occurred the other day when my girlfriend asked me, “Do I look fat in this outfit.” Naturally I never had a good answer for that question, so I decided to “Google it” and sure enough there were websites that had advice on how to reply to my girlfriends question.  So why is this term “Google it” so widely used today?  And how did Google get so big?

The term “Google it” may be so widely used because Google was really the first search engine that had everything you could think of available in one click.  By having so many items conveniently displayed in front of you, it developed a name for itself and the term “Google it” was born.  Before Google we had search engines such as AOL and, but these search engines did not have the amount of good search results that Google did.  Today Google is still leading the way in internet searching and its company database is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

The Google Empire has become so big by having developed its company database over the years.  These Companies want to be added to Google because they know their websites have the potential to be viewed by millions of people per day.  By having your companies name displayed each day to people searching the internet, it increases the chances of gaining new customers.  Wise business owners are starting to realize this and are noticing larger returns on investments.

As we continue to search Google for questions to answers we may not know, think of the benefits your gym may have if it were at the top of a Google search.  Knowing the potential that your gym has to grow and the searching ability of Google, imagine the opportunities that wait.  We can expect to see Google expand in the future, especially now that Google+ is beginning to compete against Facebook.  However this can only lead to more marketing opportunities for our gyms and who knows, maybe the next time someone says “Google it” your gym will appear.

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Email Marketing to Promote Your Gym Fri, 29 Jul 2011 18:07:43 +0000 admin Although gym websites alone are a great source of information for your customers, you may want to be on a more personal level with them as well.  For those committed members and prospects you may want to consider using email marketing to keep them updated with new information and to promote new events at your gym.   The use of email marketing will also add some other benefits to your gym.

Using an email marketing strategy can be very profitable and help in building and managing customer relationships.  By keeping your customers updated on your gyms events you will enhance your customer relationships and encourage customer loyalty in hope of producing repeat business.  When your customers are happy it builds a good name for your gym in turn producing more new members. 

Email marketing can also be used to promote events to non-gym members.  When sending an email to  non-gym members you may consider finding their email off a prospect list or having all non-gym members fill out a form when they first visit.  These emails might consist of special events at your gym or a new membership special.  You could also offer a free day at the gym, everybody likes free.

Now that you have been briefed on the basics of email marketing give it a try for your gyms next special offer.  You will be surprised how effective this method of marketing actually is.  When your gym has its existing members returning and many new members joining I am sure you will turn into a firm believer of email marketing.

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Using Free Giveaways to Promote Your Gym Thu, 21 Jul 2011 19:04:40 +0000 admin Imagine the satisfaction that you get when someone gives you a free item, it is like when your parents took you to get ice cream when you were a kid.  Didn’t you want more ice cream after that too?  This is why this method of promoting is so effective; it comes down to customer satisfaction.  When your members are happy with your gym, they will want to come back for more.

As gym owners we may cringe when we hear the word free. But, if we are smart with what we are giving away this can be a huge benefit to us by using it as a promotional tool.  Think about your logo floating around town by someone holding a water bottle or wearing your t-shirt.  Not to mention the customer satisfaction having been given something free.

The way you want to go about this free giveaway begins with your website blog, Facebook or Twitter.  What you will want to do is compose a post saying “come to the gym during this hour (Ex. 1-2 pm) and retrieve your free water bottle”, members only of course.  The important part is to say “must mention where you saw the free water bottle giveaway.”  By doing this you will generate more website activity and develop a good name for your gym. 

You will have to spend some money on this free giveaway at first, but in the end you will be making money back.  As mentioned earlier it is satisfying to receive something free, if your customers are happy because they received a free item they will want to continue doing business with you.  Just remember, keep your customers wanting more “ice cream”.

By: Matt Meyers

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Promote Your Gym Business Using Social Media Tue, 19 Jul 2011 17:39:02 +0000 admin It is the year 2011; the old ways of using newspaper and magazine ads to promote your gym business has ended.  The use of social media is the new way to improve your gym business. Web groups such as Facebook and Twitter are booming and are not even close to reaching their peak.  Although, using Facebook and Twitter are great promotional tools for your business they are not the only things to help improve your gym business.

As of July 2011 Facebook alone has over 750 Million users worldwide, while Twitter has over 200 million users.  Imagine if you were to have your business ads posted and viewed by over 950 million people a day.  By seeing these numbers it becomes clear why using your local newspaper ad to promote business is beginning to falter.  The key to using Facebook and Twitter is to write something that is client friendly.  This means to make sure you have useful information that people can comment on and generate feedback.  Another great way to generate a fan base and is huge promotional tool is the creation and usage of a blog.

Blogging has become a great way for your website to create activity.  How a blog works begins with how many entries are made.  The more entries made equals the more words that searchable by a search engine, this is known as search engine optimization.  This in turn creates more business for your web page and ultimitely your gym.  Blogging is considered the closest thing to face to face business because it is so personal.   By writing a good blog one can display emotions and feelings towards a business which essentially gives your gym a human face. 

By using social media sites such as Word Press for blogging  and Facebook combined with Twitter for business promotion you will be broadcasted over millions of future clients.  If you are not computer savvy there are also companies such as SoVi Digital that can help to promote your gym business and have your web site on the top of the list in search engines.  Insert yourself in the use of social media and watch your business boom.

By: Matt Meyers

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Gym owners get excited because is here to HELP! Wed, 06 Apr 2011 01:11:15 +0000 admin If you have been searching for that perfect marketing and advertising tool, wait no more is here! We have created a internet advertising package that is guaranteed to provide results.  If you don’t want to take our word for it check out the testimonials from some of our clients.

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