Wellington Boot Camp

Wellington Boot Camp

Wellington BCx Boot Camp is the hall of fame of fitness – the best of the best, with an emphasis on changing your physique and changing your life by becoming fit. BCx is broadminded training in a competitive industry of narrow-minded fitness trends and beliefs. With this platform, this means BCx is ever changing, ever revolving, multiplying and never complacent.


I am a satisfied and happy Best Gym Websites client!

“My last website which I thought was optimized and doing its job only netted me a half dozen online inquiries in all of 2010. In the first six month going live with BGW we have received 80 new inquiries resulting in numerous new joins totaling annualized revenue of $14,000 and counting. I like the fact that I can track my website leads. Our site looks better, is easier to navigate, and—best of all—my staff or I can make changes ourselves, and if we can’t figure it out the BGW Team is there to help. For once I can say my advertising money is being spent in a productive way. I am a satisfied and happy BGW client!”

—Rick Opton, Owner of Loggerhead Fitness Center