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Staying Up to Date = More Members + Happy Members

I have exercised in many different gyms over the years, and I have noticed a few things that stood out from the gyms that were up to date and the gyms that looked like they were stuck in the 80s.  The gyms that were up to date had more members and more happy members than the gyms that were not.  So, what does it mean to keep your gym up to date and keep your members happy?  Well, it doesn’t you have to totally renovate your gym; it just means that you need to bring something more to your members.

There are a lot of gym owners out there that simply refuse to change and stay up to date with current trends and times.  These gym owners will also begin to realize that their members may be heading to the newer gyms and gyms that actually stick with the times.  These gyms may be popular because they offer members something new from time to time.  Members like to see a new piece of equipment or something that can help change up their normal boring workout routine, they like to see that their money is going somewhere.  New equipment also gives your personal trainers something else to use with their clients, which is another benefit to your gym as a whole.

Another thing that gym owners are starting to use more are email blasts and social media pages.  These features allow members to have direct interaction with their gym and stay up to date with everything that is going on.  It can be used to spread the word about events, classes, exercises, and even special offers.  It also shows that you care about your members by bringing them something of value they can use.

If you have been getting angry because the new $10 gym that moved in down the road is stealing all your members, then it is time to find something new and start trying something different at your facility.  I am sure you know that you have much more to offer than these gyms and have been serving the community longer as well, so why not take a stand and stay up to date with the new trends and new times.  Discover what it takes to set your gym apart from the rest, and then use it to your advantage. Prove that your gym is the king of the land!

I am a satisfied and happy Best Gym Websites client!

“My last website which I thought was optimized and doing its job only netted me a half dozen online inquiries in all of 2010. In the first six month going live with BGW we have received 80 new inquiries resulting in numerous new joins totaling annualized revenue of $14,000 and counting. I like the fact that I can track my website leads. Our site looks better, is easier to navigate, and—best of all—my staff or I can make changes ourselves, and if we can’t figure it out the BGW Team is there to help. For once I can say my advertising money is being spent in a productive way. I am a satisfied and happy BGW client!”

—Rick Opton, Owner of Loggerhead Fitness Center